Jasper is a single gem available in crystallised decay. jasper's gemstone is a one-sided inverted kite shaped orange/yellow gemstone, unlike most other jaspers in steven universe.



The player will punch the target and then headbutt them, dealing medium damage.

1: Comet Charge Edit

The player will dash forward and deal medium damage to anyone within a small radius of them.

2: Boulder ThrowEdit

The player wil rip up a chunk of rock from the ground underneath them and hurl it at the targent, dealing medium damage upon impact.

3: Dash punchEdit

The player will dash forward and punch whoever is in front of them, dealing high damage if the punch lands.

4: Spin dashEdit

The player will curl up into a ball an unleash jasper's trademark spin dash and deal high damage to anyone in the player's way.


When fused with Lapis Lazuli , they from Malachite

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