Steven is a rose-colored gem with 4 abilities + a click attack. His gem placement is on his navel. His attacks are close to medium range. In Steven Universe, he is the main character.

Moveset Edit

1: Bubble Fists Edit

the player puts bubbles on their fists like boxing gloves and punches the target twice, knocking them back and dealing high damage to them.

2: Shield Edit

the player will summon a shield in front of them, and use it to protect themselves for 3 seconds before the shield disappears.

3: Shield Throw Edit

The player will summon a shield and throw it in front of them like a frisbee, dealing medium damage to anyone who gets hit by the shield

4: Self heal Edit

the player will use their rose quartz powers to heal themselves with their saliva, healing 20% of their max health.

Fusions: Edit

  1. Stevonnie
  2. Rainbow Quartz 2.0
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