Connie's is an overlooked character, but when you actually pay attention there's a lot of thing that place this "gem" higher

Connie's first move is an attack in which the "gem" lunges at an opponent with a star shaped wind form(?)

  • Anybody the user land on after the lung gain damage
  • The user is able to glitch into rocks if they stand in front of it and press "1"
  • anybody unfortunate enough to get themselves in the middle of the star shape is a goner
  • good for mobility

Connie's next attack is a spin hit in which connie is stuck in place

  • you can't do much with this but if your close to somebody when it happens it's worth it

Connie's third attack would be a double hit in which

  • this is another good form of transportation as you have the choice to stay still of move

The final attack Connie has is the ability to send an air slice

  • this is good for long range that's all :p


Steven + Connie = Stevonnie

Zooma_Deluxe's Notes:

  • My combos are 4, 1 ,2 and 4, 1 , 3
  • If you are new to the game press Q to unleash the "le epik swurd" that should be it's name not buts
  • you are the only gem without a gem sooooo
  • use the rock glitch to hide from stronger foes
  • From what I know it's good again ruby's as they need to get close to you most of the time

smh I'm an idiot I named it stevonnie

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